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Teacher won’t challenge court ruling

by Merrie Leininger

The Douglas County School Board is accepting applications from anyone interesting in filling a vacancy.

The board was notified Friday that Douglas High School teacher Randy Green, who was elected to the board in November, will not appeal the Dec. 29 decision of District Judge Michael Gibbons. Gibbons ruled it is illegal for a teacher to sit on the board in the district he is employed.

Green was not sworn in as a board member pending the decision of the district court. He had 30 days after the decision to file an appeal with the Nevada Supreme Court.

“I’m relieved,” said school board President Cheri Johnson. “I’m glad Randy has decided to pursue this no further. It’s good for the district. Now we can move on and appoint a seventh board member and work with a full board.”

Green said he thought he would not win an appeal.

“I still believe in what I was trying to say. Based on the response of people in the legal profession who I spoke with, I don’t want to waste people’s time and energy doing something we can’t win,” he said. “When it’s over, it’s over.”

Green said the reason he was insistent the issue go before the courts was he wanted an objective third-party view, and now that he’s got that, there is no reason to appeal.

“The other factor is, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to the new board. I believe they are a lot more open and will communicate with the community. I just don’t want to tie them up in court and obstruct them from moving forward,” he said.

Green has discussed the issue of teacher representation on school boards with state legislators.

“I’m not planning on going away. I still feel I can pursue this in other ways. Being elected helped bring attention to the issue. I hope I can use my new position,” Green said. “Some people in the Legislature thought I raised a number of issues that need to be addressed (such as) the inconsistency of why I was able to run but not able to serve.”

He will also be meeting with Assistant Superintendent of Personnel John Soderman to address teacher evaluations, one of his campaign issues.

Superintendent Pendery Clark said the district is required to advertise the board vacancy for two consecutive weeks. Anyone who lives in Area 4 – which is comprised of most of the Ranchos – should submit a letter of interest. The board is interested in hearing what the applicants would bring to the board. Applicants then complete a questionnaire and are interviewed at a public meeting.

Johnson said the new board member should be open-minded and willing to put in the time to help the district.

“They should have a fundamental belief in public education and be willing to put in the time and effort learning everything they can about the district,” Johnson said. “(The amount of time spent) depends on the time of year and the issues. Sometimes it is one to two hours a week, but in the past month, we have been working upwards to 12 hours a week.”

For more information on the boundaries of Area 4 or the application process, contact the superintendent’s office at 782-5134.