TDVA needs a meeting |

TDVA needs a meeting

Sheila Gardner

Are you wondering what’s happening with the newly-created Tahoe Douglas Visitors Authority?

So is Douglas County Commissioner Steve Weissinger.

He tried to set the TDVA’s first meeting for Nov. 5, only to be told that other members – all Stateline casino executives – weren’t available. He has a firm date now set for Nov. 19.

“If it was me calling the show, we would have had our first meeting in August or September,” Weissinger said Tuesday. “The Legislature wrapped up in July, and we’ve already had the room tax citizens committee meeting. Now, we’re going into the week before Thanksgiving, just taking care of basic items.”

Weissinger is the county commission representative to the TDVA which was created by the 1997 Nevada Legislature in response to efforts by the Tahoe Citizens Committee to create their own county.

“Here you have these people (TCC) who spent $400,000 to $500,000 and 14 months work to get this result (the TDVA) and we’re just getting down to the basics.”

Weissinger said he’s not being confrontational, he just thinks the process needs to get going.

The meeting is set for 6 p.m. Nov. 19 at the Tahoe Administration Building. Agenda items include electing a chair and vice chair, discussion and possible action on the operating structure of the TDVA, a marketing plan and the process for receiving funds from Douglas County.

“I met with (County Manager) Dan Holler a few days ago and we decided if the comptroller’s got the funds ready, we need to take care of basics and figure out where the money’s going to go.”

Other members include David Attaway, senior vice president of Caesars Tahoe; Sandra Hoy, director of marketing for the Horizon; Skip Sayre, director of marketing for Harrah’s Tahoe; and Kevin Servatius, senior vice president of Harveys.

“Everybody’s busy,” Weissinger said, “but I have to answer to the public. I have citizens inquiring about what’s going on, so I took it upon myself to get this organized.”

Weissinger said most of the meetings would be held at the Lake, but he would encourage the TDVA to meet at least quarterly in Carson Valley. He encouraged the public to attend.

“People need to know how the money is going to be spent,” he said. “As the Douglas County commission representative, I’ll be watching. I don’t want this to be a group that is dollar-heavy on the administrative end – no cellular phones, executive secretaries and administrative assistants.”