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Tarkanian discusses health care, immigration

by Rachel Spacek
Nevada U.S. Senate candidate, Danny Tarkanian speaking to a group of Sierra Nevada Republican Women at their Feburary meeting on Wednesday.

Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian came out swinging against current Sen. Dean Heller at the Sierra Nevada Republican Women’s meeting in Minden on Wednesday.

Tarkanian voiced his support of President Donald Trump’s policies and reiterated his positions on health care and immigration.

In his opening remarks, Tarkanian said he has “true conviction for President Trump’s “America first” policies” and believes “whole-heartedly” in all of them.

“What matters most is what his policies are doing for America, lowest unemployment rate in 17 years, stock market highs that are still off the charts, highest consumer confidence, we wiped out 97 percent of the land ISIS has, [Trump] is going to get a resolution on immigration and probably a wall built,” Tarkanian said. “I will support him, not just on the easy votes like tax reform, but I will support him on the hard votes like the Obamacare repeal.

Tarkanian also promised he will be a voice to individuals who do not have a voice in Washington, saying he will represent the hard working Americans in Nevada.

Tarkanian moved on to accuse current Nevada Senator, Dean Heller, of not standing behind Trump during the Obamacare repeal vote.

“After Dean Heller held a press conference where he said he would not vote to repeal Obamacare like he promised to do so, I got calls, emails, social media requests from over 100 people many pleading for me to get into the race against Dean Heller,” Tarkanian said. “They said he was someone who would support President Trump through the hard times.”

Tarkanian said it is one of his key goals if elected, to repeal Obamacare. He said Obamacare is forcing the middle class to watch their insurance go up every month.

“I shouldn’t have to subsidize other people who can’t pay for their health insurance,” Tarkanian said.

Tarkanian also voiced his concerns on immigration, saying he is open to having a conversation on immigration reform, but that conversation must include what he calls the “five pillars.” The requirements, he said, are protecting the border with a potential boarder wall, addressing chain migration, ending the visa lottery, legal employee verification and tracking people who overstay their visa.

“Citizenship is the greatest gift you can give anyone in our country, you don’t give it to people who do it the wrong way,” Tarkanian said.

To close his speech, Tarkanian told attendees he is the Republican candidate that will work on issues that matter to them.

“I am on the right side of issues that Republicans care about deeply,” he said.