Target, Home Depot eye North County location |

Target, Home Depot eye North County location

by Sheila Gardner

If all goes as planned, both Target and Home Depot could be open in northern Douglas County by the end of the year, creating 400 new jobs and pumping $60 million to $70 million in taxable sales into the economy.

The two major retailers submitted plans for design review to Douglas County this week.

“The plans are submitted for conformity to our design standards,” said Commissioner Don Miner. “Should any discrepancies occur, they will be reviewed with the applicant for changes. A cursory review indicates no major concerns.”

Miner said plans indicate the Home Depot store will be 132,000 square feet and Target 123,000 square feet. Both facilities will be located at the North Valley Center on Jacks Valley Road, near the intersection of Highway 395.

Target plans to open in October, and Home Depot by the end of the year, Miner said.

“Additionally, three to six separate building pads for additional, smaller commercial retail operations will be available,” Miner said. “As the north side of Jacks Valley is expanded and appropriate negotiations continue with landowners and the Forest Service, other retailers may see additional opportunities.”

If Target and Home Depot are advancing plans to expand to Douglas County, can Costco be far behind?

Miner declined to speculate Friday on Costco’s plans, but he said the commitment by Target and Home Depot makes the North Valley Center more attractive to Costco and other major retailers.

“Large scale-type retailers tend to stimulate interest from other similar box stores like Costco,” he said.

– Keep tax dollars in Douglas. The arrival of Target and Home Depot will also help stop the flow of taxable sales dollars outside of Douglas County. A recent report by the University of Nevada, Reno indicates that Douglas County residents spend more than $170 million elsewhere.

“With the addition of these two major retail boxes, we will have about $60 million to $70 million in taxable sales the first year of operation,” Miner said. “After three years, it will grow to $85 million to $90 million a year. That will get us halfway to recapturing $170 million in purchases made outside of Douglas County.

“Plus, it will draw from an area outside Douglas County into the county to capture new revenue as well as recapturing lost revenue,” he said. “If another box store comes in such as a Costco, we can expect another $60 million to $70 million in taxable retail sales to benefit Douglas County annually.”

Miner said the retail boost is an affirmation of the county’s recent redevelopment efforts.

– County commitment. “Without announcing to the world that Douglas County is open for business through the announcement of the redevelopment process, these interested parties would not consider Douglas County,” Miner said. “It was only because of the major commitment made by Douglas County substantiating the claim that we are open for business that these parties started to express interest and are nearing culmination with development.

“Redevelopment was a major force in attracting these new players. Similarly, the idea of redevelopment to assist in infrastructure costs was a prime reason why Walley’s changed ownership and has developed an aggressive marketing plan with high end time share and expansion of Walley’s with consideration of an equally high end hotel on Foothill. Without redevelopment, that project wouldn’t have been considered,” Miner said.

What brought Target and Home Depot to Douglas County’s door?

“I think they’ve expressed interest in Douglas County’s renewed vigor to attract business and they enjoy the ambience offered by the county. They appreciate the planning that goes into the area,” he said.

That planning, Miner said, includes efforts by the Nevada Department of Transportation to insure that the off-ramps from the Highway 50 bypass in Carson City would come right to Jacks Valley road, as well as the Curry Street service road extension from Carson City to the site.

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