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Tahoe Transportation District appoints liaison

Staff Reports

Tahoe Transportation District has appointed Tiara Wasner as outreach specialist for the US 50 South Shore Revitalization project and will organize and facilitate meetings on behalf of the proposed plan.  

The project intends to relocate Highway 50 at Stateline with five lanes along Lake Parkway Boulevard behind Harrah’s, MontBleu and The Village Shopping Center (formerly Crescent V), while converting the artery through the casino core into three lanes with both thoroughfares reconnecting at Pioneer Trail in California. Wasner will schedule opportunities for residents and organization members to provide their feedback, ideas and discuss the projects with district staff.

The new roadway through the casino core is planned for one lane in each direction and a turn lane from Lake Parkway at Stateline, past the casinos to Pioneer Trail. A reclassification from federal highway to local street status would provide for area control. Highlights include a landscaped median and turn-pockets at major driveways and intersections along with expanded sidewalks for outdoor restaurants and pedestrian areas along with a dedicated bike lane, a concept embraced by the South Tahoe Association of Resorts in the recently announced South Shore Vision Plan. 

The new Highway 50 alignment near Pioneer Trail would require right-of-way acquisition from private property owners and state-owned land from Van Sickle Bi-State Park along Lake Parkway and Montreal Road, displacing some existing residences and businesses southwest of The Village Center.

As the Outreach Specialist, Wasner will work with community members to arrange various meetings and presentations by the district staff to provide details and answer questions on the project, from the offices of Weidinger Public Relations in Stateline, located in close proximity to both the project site and the district.

The South Shore Revitalization project will provide a downtown area while maintaining safer, smoother traffic flow through the casino corridor.  It may also allow for renovation of City of South Lake Tahoe properties as a source of housing for impacted tenants, thereby increasing the tax base and improving neighborhoods with attractive, remodeled housing.

Wasner, a South Tahoe resident since 2006, was selected for her familiarity of the community and background in social media and project management. She also works at Weidinger Public Relations providing expertise on event management and social media development. Prior to joining WPR, Wasner was a member of the sales and marketing team at Heavenly Mountain Resort where she was the driving force behind a college incentive program with Northern California universities and worked closely with South Lake Tahoe groups and businesses. 

For the US 50 South Shore Revitalization, the district and its transportation partners: City of South Lake Tahoe, Douglas County, El Dorado County, Caltrans, NDOT and Tahoe Regional Planning Agency – have evaluated various specific design alternatives over the past 10 years. Evaluations have included severe summer and winter peak period traffic congestion and ways to promote smoother traffic flow while optimizing safety for motorists, transit riders, pedestrians and bicyclists. The alternatives have been the subject of numerous technical evaluations, public meetings, reports and public input sessions.

Alternatives 2 and 3 have been judged to best satisfy the project objectives with Alternative 2, the district’s proposed action, to include a two-lane roundabout at the intersection of Highway 50 and Lake Parkway (near MontBleu and Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course). Alternatives to be evaluated in the Environmental Impact Report are available online at http://www.TahoeTransportation.org.  

With the environmental process under review, a start date for construction has yet to be determined; however, the earliest is estimated for summer 2015