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Tahoe league talks to board

by Merrie Leininger

The Douglas County Library Board heard updates on expansion plans and listened to complaints from the Tahoe-Douglas Library League at its Tuesday morning meeting at the library.

Jan Christenson, Tahoe league co-president, said her organization would like to be included and informed about plans for the library branch in Zephyr Cove. She also invited trustees to the league’s remaining quarterly meetings, which will be held April 15, July 15 and Oct. 21.

“We would like to be informed of any issues that affect our library and hope our input will be considered by the library board and library director,” Christenson said.

She asked that the board minutes be sent to the league and posted at the branch so the public can read them. The staff said that could be done.

The library board also set four of its meetings this year at the Lake, so the public would be able to attend more easily.

The board will meet at the Zephyr Cove branch at 5 p.m. on March 21, May 23, July 18 and September 26.

All other meetings will be at the Valley library at 8:15 a.m.

Library Director Linda Deacy said the main library’s expansion is continuing, but is about two weeks behind and is expected to be completed April 15. She said the staff expects to be able to close the deal within a few weeks on the land west of the expansion that will be made into a parking lot.

She said the board decided at its January meeting not to pursue the idea they were investigating of moving the Zephyr branch to the Kahle community center.

Deacy said the idea came from focus groups whose biggest concerns were additional hours, more staffing and a more centrally located library which could be accessed easily by public transportation.

Deacy said the board will look at the issue again in September when the strategic plan is reviewed and updated.

As for additional hours, Deacy said that is impossible now with the current staffing at the branch.

n Volunteers. The library will be hosting its volunteer breakfast April 13 at the Carson Valley Inn. The library and the branch will be closed until 11 a.m. that day.

Deacy said the library has about 70 volunteers – people who do everything from arts and crafts with children to binding books and providing free legal work.

“(And that’s) beside those people who come in every day and volunteer,” Deacy said. “Once a year we try to do something to show them our appreciation.”