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Tahoe Chamber president ‘B’ Gorman to step down

by Sebastian Foltz
Betty "B" Gorman (pictured) will vacate her position as president/CEO of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce in 2016. The board of directors has not decided on a specific timeline for the transition. Gorman's contract runs out in May.
Courtesy / Tahoe Chamber |

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE — For nine years, Betty “B” Gorman has been a leading voice for the South Lake Tahoe business community as the president/CEO of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce, but it’s time to move on.

Gorman will be stepping down from the position, likely in April 2016 when her contract is up, in order to pursue independent contracting work as an executive coach — consulting with business leaders and nonprofits.

As to the notion that she was being forced out by the chamber’s board of directors, as was implied by another media outlet, she said it was not accurate.

“I would not agree with that. The board and I have been having conversations for a year,” Gorman said, explaining a personal desire to move on and what a potential transition would look like.

Chamber board of directors chairman Mike McLaughlin also acknowledged that it wasn’t an abrupt action. While the board had voted not to renew Gorman’s contract, he described it as a mutual decision.

“B has been planning to transition from the chamber for some time now,” he said. “The board had several discussions about timing. We’ve left that open.”

While her contract will be up in May, McLaughlin said they may retain Gorman to consult and ease the transition for a new chamber leader.

“We’ve kind of left that open,” he said. “She’s agreed to stay on as long as necessary until we find the right person.”

For her part, Gorman said, “I wasn’t interested in my contract being renewed for another three years. I’ve been preparing for this. This isn’t something sudden.”

She added that bringing in a new voice was essential for the continued growth of the chamber.

“They will bring new ideas, new enthusiasm. That’s how an organization continues to grow. New blood is absolutely vital. I’m excited for the future of the organization. I’m excited about where I’m headed.”

Gorman said she and her husband will stay in the area. Part of her desire to move on was in order to be able to have a more flexible schedule for both business and leisure pursuits.

She welcomed the opportunity to assist in the chamber’s transition.

“We don’t have a definitive timeline,” she said, “I’m still deep in it here at the chamber and will continue to be.”

Gorman was hired as president when the Tahoe Douglas and South Lake Tahoe chambers merged in 2006.

Speaking to her tenure as president, McLaughlin said, “She’s had a positive impact on our community. She’s implemented programs that support the success of our community. We’re fortunate to have her. We’d be happy to have her consult with the new leadership.”