Suspect faces gang enhancement on weapons charge |

Suspect faces gang enhancement on weapons charge

by Sheila Gardner

A 19-year-old accused of convincing two juveniles to steal a weapon from an alleged gang member is facing a criminal enhancement because of his reported association with the Juggalos.

Robert Fordin is charged with principal to grand larceny of a firearm in connection with the incident that occurred in April 2011.

The criminal complaint states that the offense is subject to a gang enhancement as the intent was to benefit the Juggalos to which Fordin claims allegiance.

Imposing the gang enhancement means additional penalty.

Proceedings against the Gardnerville man were continued Monday until March 19. Court-appointed lawyer Tod Young told District Judge Michael Gibbons that Fordin’s family hoped to hire Reno lawyer Martin Wiener.

“He (Fordin) doesn’t have any money, but his family does,” Young said.

Fordin is in custody in Douglas County Jail, and told Gibbons he agreed to the delay.

According to reports, Fordin reportedly told the teenagers if they stole the weapon from a Nortenos gang member he would make sure they became members of the Juggalos.

Nortenos are traditionally Latino gang members while the Juggalos are followers of Insane Clown Posse, or other Psychopathic Records hip-hop groups.

Authorities were tipped to the theft by Fordin’s mother, and discovered the missing weapon in a shed where Fordin also was living on his grandmother’s property.

He was released on bail Jan. 25, but taken back into custody Feb. 1 on allegations of possession of drug paraphernalia and violating a court order.

Young said plea negotiations were on hold while Fordin’s family proceeded with hiring the lawyer.

He originally was charged with principal to burglary, principal to grand larceny of a firearm, and possession of stolen property stemming from the alleged offense.