Suspect denies threatening alleged victim |

Suspect denies threatening alleged victim

by Sheila Gardner

A 33-year-old Reno man accused of trying to strangle his girlfriend denied Monday that he had anything to do with threats against her or their infant son.

Prosecutor Laurie Trotter told District Judge Michael Gibbons that the alleged victim had been received threats of harm and kidnapping the baby after a Sept. 11 altercation at a Gardnerville motel.

Trotter said the victim didn’t know who made the threats, and asked GIbbons to issue an order that Roberto Ubaldo Gonzalez have no contact with her.

Gonzalez’s attorney, Kris Brown, said her client was not in contact with the woman. She objected to the suggestion that Gonzalez was responsible for the threats.

“The alleged victim has a background criminal history of drugs and theft. These threats may not even be with this case,” Brown said.

Gibbons ordered Gonzalez not to have direct contact or through a third party.

“It would simply be best to have nothing to do with her except through the court system,” Gibbons said.

“I love my girl and my son,” Gonzalez said. “It (the threats) would be dealt with if I were out of here. I’m no John Gotti, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let anybody threaten my girl or my son.”

Gonzalez said he is hounded by the district attorney’s office regarding his telephone calls in jail, but he hadn’t threatened the alleged victim.

“Obviously, Mr. Gonzalez feels the district attorney’s office is monitoring him too closely,” Gibbons said.

On the way back to jail, Gonzalez winked and smiled at Investigator Brian Putzer who was sitting in the courtroom.

Gonzalez is charged with five charges in the Sept. 11 incident, including battery that constitutes domestic violence committed by strangulation; battery that constitutes domestic violence with two or more priors; child endangerment; aggravated stalking; and dissuading a victim from reporting a crime.

Gonzalez has prior domestic violence convictions from July 2006 and Aug. 23.

He was arrested after deputies were summoned to the Village Motel in Gardnerville by a woman who said she heard yelling and “knocking around” in a guest room.

According to the criminal complaint, Gonzalez choked the victim into unconsciousness one or more times, threw her cell phone against the wall, threatened to kill her, and ordered her to call his probation officer and say the allegations were a misunderstanding, and nothing happened.

She dropped the baby on the bathroom floor during the struggle. The child was unharmed.

Gonzalez also reportedly told her to lie to law enforcement and the district attorney’s office.

He pleaded not guilty and is set for trial Nov. 16.

In a separate offense, Gonzalez is charged with battery on a prisoner while in custody, a felony.

He is to appear Oct. 27 for a preliminary hearing in East Fork Justice Court.

According to reports, the Sept. 24 incident allegedly occurred following a game of dominoes after an inmate made disrespectful remarks about Gonzalez’s mother. He denied the allegation.

He said he did not make physical contact, but said words were exchanged, and his threw his work shirt at the inmate.

The incident was videotaped.