Suspect considers plea offer in burglaries |

Suspect considers plea offer in burglaries

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Lenox Leonel Lacour

A 29-year-old Nevada prison inmate has asked for another week to consider a plea agreement involving three felonies he faces in connection with a January burglary spree in Genoa.

Lawyer Derrick Lopez, representing Lenox Leonel Lacour, requested a one-week continuance Wednesday in East Fork Justice Court.

“Mr. Lacour waives his right to a speedy preliminary hearing,” Lopez told East Fork Judge Tom Perkins. “He has a settlement proposal to consider and some decisions to be made.”

Lacour is serving a 2-5-year prison sentence in connection with a Carson City incident involving the Feb. 5 theft of several cars whose owners left them running to warm up.

He is not scheduled to be released from prison on that conviction until late 2015.

Blood left at the scene of a Jan. 15 burglary led authorities to Lacour in three break-ins near Genoa, including the Genoa Bar.

He is charged with three felony burglaries.

According to court documents, blood left at a home on Cloudburst was tested and Lacour allegedly turned out to be a match.

Investigators questioned him while he was in jail on the car thefts, and he told them that he and another man broke into the bar intending to take the ATM machine, but it couldn’t be moved.

They took the cash drawer, but the alarm was going off and they left, according to the investigators’ statements.

The suspects also reportedly left a dolly at the scene which officials have traced to a series of break-ins in Carson Valley businesses at the same time.

Loss to the Genoa Bar was estimated at $700.

Lacour reportedly denied any involvement in those incidents.

Lacour allegedly told investigators that he and the other man, broke into the two homes.

The second suspect has not been arrested.