Suspect asks deputy to shoot him |

Suspect asks deputy to shoot him

Staff Reports

A 43-year-old Minden man was jailed on more than $75,000 bail after he was arrested Wednesday for a third charge of driving under the influence.

He reportedly kicked deputies during his booking.

Jeffrey Mark McManus was charged with driving under the influence, third or more, battery on an officer, failure to obey, hit and run, no proof of insurance and failing to make immediate accident notification.

According to reports, McManus’ vehicle was stopped for a red light on Sunridge at the intersection with Highway 395 about noon Wednesday.

Witnesses said McManus appeared to be passed out behind the wheel and the vehicle rolled across Highway 395 and struck a car that was in the turn lane on Jacks Valley Road. There were no injuries.

McManus reportedly attempted to flee the scene but was detained by witnesses until deputies arrived and placed him in a patrol vehicle.

He denied he had been driving and refused to answer questions.

Deputies declined to administer field sobriety tests because it was raining.

On the way to Douglas County Jail, McManus reportedly asked the officer, “Do you want to commit murder?”

After the deputy replied “no,” McManus answered, “You will by the time we get to the jail. Let me show you.”

The suspect turned his back to the deputy and exposed his handcuffed hands to the officer who thought he may have a weapon.

The deputy pulled over and waited for backup before he took McManus out of the cruiser. A search turned up no weapons on the suspect.

McManus was returned to the vehicle and repeated the physical threat.

“I am not going to prison,” he said. “You are going to shoot me. Watch!”

The deputy pulled off the highway a second time and another deputy searched McManus. The suspect was restrained in the patrol car so he could not move around.

At the jail, McManus was secured in the restraint chair for a blood draw, but kicked at several deputies and shouted obscenities.

He had needle track marks on both arms and told deputies he had used heroin.

McManus is to appear in East Fork Justice Court this morning.