Suspect accused of DUI, child endangerment |

Suspect accused of DUI, child endangerment

Staff Reports

A 41-year-old Ruhenstroth woman was jailed Thursday, accused of drunk driving, hit and run, and child endangerment.

According to reports Loraine Anne Clifford had a preliminary alcohol content of .305, nearly four times the legal limit.

She was driving with two young children in the vehicle.

Clifford is accused of leaving the scene of a noninjury accident at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at the site of the former Eagle Gas Station at Highway 395 on the Gardnerville S-curve.

Witnesses said the vehicle continued south on Highway 395 and lost a wheel at the Washoe Tribal Smoke Shop.

A deputy caught up to the driver and initiated a traffic stop, but said the driver continued for 50 yards before stopping.

He said he could hear the car grinding on the pavement where the wheel fell off.

He said Clifford was crying and appeared disoriented. The deputy said he could smell alcohol.

The deputy said she was unable to perform field sobriety tests, refused to take a breath test, and could not get out of her vehicle without assistance.

She was transported to Carson Valley Medical Center for medical clearance where she tested at .305 for alcohol and was taken to Douglas County Jail.

The legal limit for driving is .08.

Her bail is $1,500.