Suspect accused of asking victim to lie |

Suspect accused of asking victim to lie

Staff Reports

A 22-year-old Gardnerville man is set for a hearing Wednesday on an allegation that he tried to talk a domestic battery victim into lying about how she was injured.

Addison Orr was accused of urging the witness to lie so he could avoid a year in Douglas County Jail.

The new allegation arose following his arrest Feb. 12 on a domestic battery charge. He is under supervision by the Department of Alternative Sentencing for a second arrest for driving under the influence which reportedly occurred Nov. 26.

The victim told deputies that she and Orr had been at the “Vampire Bar Crawl” in Reno on Feb. 11.

She said they were drinking and became separated.

When they located each other, she said Orr was upset, and he bit her lip against her wishes, causing it to swell.

The 19-year-old said they went their separate ways in Reno, and she returned to a residence in the Gardnerville Ranchos where Orr was house sitting about 3 a.m. When he arrived, another argument followed and he threatened “to bash your head in.”

She said he dragged her out of bed, down the hall of the residence, pinned her to the floor by her arms, and screamed and cursed at her.

The woman said she fled the residence, went to a friend’s house and called her father who subsequently reported the incident to the sheriff’s office.

Deputies found Orr asleep with drug paraphernalia in plain view of the bed. He refused to say what happened other than to confirm a verbal argument. He tested positive for alcohol in violation of his release and was taken to Douglas County Jail.