Sunrise Pass trash dump a mystery |

Sunrise Pass trash dump a mystery

by John Hefner

On Wednesday, it was reported that someone had dumped an extensive amount of trash up on Sunrise Pass which leads to the Pine Nuts. I went out there to see if I could pick it up and haul it off to the dump. However, upon arriving I determined there was just too much to throw in the back of my F350. As my stepson and I were looking at the stuff two other gentlemen stopped by and we looked for clues. There was a lot of personal information in the trash. There were some new expensive items along with radio equipment and a pilot log book. Naturally, we rush to judgement and conclude that must be the individual that dumped the trash, right? We ran into other clues to that pointed us in another direction. Why would anyone throw out a current piece of ID, which is still valid and important? We called the Sheriff’s Office, who put us in touch with BLM dispatch. According to BLM, it had already been reported and they told us to leave everything in place as we found it.

It looks like we will have a little mystery here in the community regarding who dumped this trash. I hope that BLM gets in touch with me because we need to get out there and clean it up. If I get an answer, I will certainly clue everyone in on the next Journal. In this instance I think we or I might be wrong to assume that the individual identify was the person that did the dumping. It looks more like he didn’t come pick up his stuff and someone decided to get rid of it themselves.

One thing I think we can all agree on is whoever dumped this mess isn’t too intelligent. Not only have they littered up our beautiful pine nuts but they could be answering to a federal judge. Seems to me if you wanted the junk to disappear taking it to the transfer station would have been a better answer. I hope they get a visit from a federal law enforcement officer by the time this gets printed.

On a separate subject, I wanted everyone to know that one of my favorite restaurant’s, Kristopher’s, has moved to downtown Minden. They are where the old Barron and Reed were located. Kristopher’s features wonderful Italian food and it is my go-to place for birthdays.

Speaking of food! Renee McElvin and family have taken ownership of the Taildragger. This actually happened last August but I am slow to the punch. If you have not been to the Taildragger lately you are missing out. They still have the same great food as before but have added some new dishes. I highly recommend you go on a Friday night and get their ribeye and garlic shrimp special. It is about $15 and it is one of these best steaks in the valley. The service is fast and polite. They deserve visit.

I want to mention two things from East Fork Fire Protection District. Backyard burn season ends on May 12. You can download the permit at You have to call each day to make sure it is a burn day. The recent weather and winds have been holding me back and my pile is stacking up. Final point, if you are not on the Sierra Saver Ambulance subscription you certainly should be. It cost $50 per household. Yes, per household! So, for me that is about $10 a person for the entire year. One trip to the hospital in an ambulance will cost you over $1000 if you do not have insurance. If you do you will still have to pay your deductible. This is a deal! You can combine it with Care flights program and pay an additional $30 for their program. This is cheap insurance for medical response if you ever need it.

That does it for me this month. I have to go write a big fat check to the IRS. Those tax cuts were not so kind to me. They might have doubled the standard deduction but they also removed all the exemptions which really hurt a lot. Have a great Easter and remember the reason for the season.

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