Subject of 2016 manhunt denied parole |

Subject of 2016 manhunt denied parole

A man who has spent the last two years in prison was denied parole last month.

Joshua Albericci, 38, is serving a 3-16-year sentence as the result of an April, 27, 2016, manhunt after he allegedly entered a woman’s home and took his wife out at gunpoint.

Albericci’s wife denied she was kidnapped, but Albericci admitted he had a Tec 9, that he pointed at the victim when he entered her house. Albericci was an ex-felon with convictions in Colorado. He had a previous conviction for attempted possession of a firearm by an ex-felon and possession of a stolen car in Nevada from 2010.

Albericci’s next parole hearing is Sept. 1, 2020.

A woman who stabbed her former boyfriend at a Stateline hotel room will face another parole hearing on Dec. 26.

Deana J. Beeman, 44, was sentenced to 18-60 months in prison in January 2018. The victim was stabbed three times and had to undergo emergency surgery.

She was denied parole in February.

A California man convicted of a subsequent felony DUI will spend a little longer than the minimum three years in prison.

Matthew Newcomb, 41, was denied release to the expiration of his 3-8-year sentence.

Newcomb was arrested Sept. 18, 2015, after authorities received reports he was driving recklessly. A deputy clocked him at 75 mph in a 45 mph zone. He refused to submit to any field tests and started fighting with deputies.

He was sentenced in June 2016.

A Stateline man who admitted to charges of check fraud and having false identification in both Douglas and Carson City had his parole rescinded in February.

Ray Edward Brashears, 34, was ordered to serve three 12-32-month prison sentences after he violated probation several times.

He was arrested in September 2017 with equipment to create false identities. He also had a December 2016 arrest for check fraud.

His next parole hearing is in May.