Strategic plan set for approval Thursday |

Strategic plan set for approval Thursday

by Amy Alonzo


What: Douglas County Board of Commissioners

When: 1:30 p.m. Thursday

Where: 169 Highway 50, Stateline

Douglas County Commissioners are set to approve a strategic plan that addresses the need for more affordable housing and attracting more well-paying employers to the area at their Thursday meeting.

According to information in the FY 2018-22 strategic plan:

More than 20 percent of Douglas County’s population is age 65 and older;

The number of county residents age 44 and younger has decreased by 11 percent between 2000 and 2015;

The county’s median home price is 570 percent of residents’ median income. The median home price in 2015 was $395,332;

There is a 10.2 percent poverty rate in the county;

As of 2015, the average annual wage in the county’s roughly 18,700 jobs was $42,073.

According to the report, long-term strategic issues faced by the county include a lack of affordable housing and living wages, which potential new employers are less likely to expand to the county “if the population continues to be dominated by retired residents” and that county revenues from taxes are limited by law.

Priorities for the county during the FY2018-22 period are — as identified in the plan — infrastructure, organizational sustainability, financial stability, economic vitality, safe community, natural resources, culture and quality of life.

In February, county officials hosted a strategic planning workshop to gather community input and an online survey was also offered. The initial draft of the plan was introduced to commissioners at their March 16 meeting.

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