Strategic plan nets little input |

Strategic plan nets little input

by Amy Alonzo

Public comment on the county’s FY18-22 strategic plan is closed, but only a tiny fraction of the county’s population provided input on it.

According to the county’s website, just 230 people viewed the plan online. The county’s population was 47,118 in 2013, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Of the people who viewed the plan, 93 offered comment — 32 provided registered responses and 61 provided unregistered responses. Unregistered responses included 58 unclaimed responses and three unverified responses.

Of the registered responses, 14 people (44 percent) are age 65 or older; six (19 percent) are age 65-55; five people (15 percent) are age 46-54; six people (19 percent) are age 31-45; and just one person (3 percent) is age 18-30.

All of the people who responded are Douglas County residents and about 10 percent are county employees. The majority of residents (85 percent) are Carson Valley residents.

Infrastructure, the county’s number one priority, received the most comments — 19. Preserving natural resources, culture and quality of life, one of the plan’s areas of focus, received 17 comments.

Some comments made on the plan include:

■ “Recycling is a must! Libraries are vital to quality of life. Why is there no mention?”

■ “We need new businesses; all the commercial real estate signs and empty lots and buildings are very disturbing. Projects like the Martin Slough trail take forever to complete and that is an embarrassment to our community.”

■ “Native residents love Douglas County as a small town. There is no need to prioritize efforts on year round conference centers. Maybe link efforts with Carson City to drive tourism efforts to state capital.”

■ “… No more big box stores, fast food, chains. Let’s attract diversity in the way of art, culture, food, etc. Think Truckee, not Fallon!…”