Stormwater sessions continue this week |

Stormwater sessions continue this week

The county will continue its outreach on a proposal to form a stormwater management utility on Monday at Kahle Community Center at Stateline.

County Manager Larry Werner conducted meetings on the utility in Genoa, Johnson Lane and Gardnerville last week.

After Kahle, the stormwater road show will be at the Topaz Ranch Estates Community Center on Tuesday and the Fish Springs Fire Station on Wednesday.

All meetings start at 6 p.m. and include a half-hour presentation on the proposal before questions.

Should the utility be approved by county commissioners, it would raise $2 million by charging fees to residents based on the amount of impermeable space like roofs and patios they have.

At Johnson Lane on Tuesday, Werner estimated the cost per homeowner would run $4-8 a month, or $48-$84 a year.

Money would be used to maintain drainage structures, such as culverts and ditches.

“We know there are ponds out there that were built to be dedicated to the county, but not accepted for maintenance,” Werner said.

Portions of Carson Valley were subjected to flooding during the wet summers of 2014 and 2015.

Those floods washed away culverts and caused gullies that are still visible in places.

Money to repair that damage came out of the county’s road fund.

Raising money by creating a utility ensures fees will go to stormwater management and wouldn’t be available for other uses.

An advisory committee would be established to help determine which projects should be funded and provide for public input.