Storey GOP will back Settelmeyer |

Storey GOP will back Settelmeyer

Assemblyman James Set­telmeyer spoke at a town hall on health care held at the Storey County Senior Center in Virginia City on Monday.

In a statement released after the session, Settelmeyer said there is a lack of infor­mation on the bill dealing with health care.

“This bill is being formed daily; one day no public option, the next day it must have a public option,” he said.

“I don’t believe it’s right to rob money from Medicaid and decrease the care for seniors and those who cur­rently rely upon it, to insure the 10-15 percent of Ameri­cans who don’t have insur­ance, let alone tax the bene­fits and lower the level of care to those with insur­ance.”

Settelmeyer is seeking the Capitol Senate District seat being vacated by Mark Amodei, R-Carson City.

Storey County Republi­cans issued a statement thanking Settelmeyer for his participation in the town hall, and supporting him in his senate bid next year.