Stor-All to auction all for charity |

Stor-All to auction all for charity

How to participate

To participate in the auction visit Storage and type in zipcode 89410.

Bid in $10 increments.

Auction closes 11 a.m. June 20

Donate items to Store-All, 1456 Industrail Way, Gardnerville

Information, 782-3533

Stor-All in Gardnerville is auctioning off one of its storage units to benefit local charities.

The storage facility partnered with the national nonprofit organization Charity Storage, a promotional outreach program that utilizes storage facility operations to raise money to benefit communities. Storage facilities dedicate an empty storage unit as a collection point for donated goods.

“The whole idea is that this organization takes advantage of the excessive amount of items that storage facilities produce with donations, left behind items to be collected and put in a special unit for an auction that benefits a local charity,” said Kristy Olney Stor-All resident manager.

Olney said the idea came from a world storage expo she and her husband, Matt, supervisor of Stor-All, attended in April.

“They had a booth set up and we figured it was something Stor-All would be interested in doing,” she said. “They do so much for the community already, it would be another great thing to do.”

Olney said 60 percent of the auction precedes will go to Austin’s House, 20 percent to Kure-It Cancer Research, 10 percent to the Self Storage Association Scholarship Fund and 10 percent to Charity Storage to keep the program going.

“It is a very cool concept and we already have a unit (in mind),” said Olney.

The items are stored in a secure charity storage unit, and are auctioned off at the next regularly scheduled lien auction.

Olney said Stor-All’s auctions are held online at Storage

Stor-All is currently accepting donations and the auction began Tuesday. It will close at 11 a.m. June 20.

“We encourage people to participate in the auction and/or donate,” said Olney. “Even if we fill up this one, we will start another.”

The following items are most suitable for auction, though the final decision rests with facility management: 

Vehicles of any kind




Sports & exercise equipment

Art and décor

Working electronics

Clean clothing

Baby items

Household appliances

Office equipment

For the safety of buyers, the following items aren’t allowed:


Pornography of any type

Guns or weapons

Drugs or drug paraphernalia or alcohol

Flammable, hazardous or toxic material


Perishable goods

Anything that is not working or in saleable condition

Donations can be brought into Stor-All, located at 1456 Industrial Way, Gardnerville.

All donations are tax deductible. For more information call 782-3533.