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Stop political correctness


We have people bringing lawsuits over the display of crosses and nativity scenes; the use of the words “God” and “Christmas;” even the flying of the flag of our country. Really? We have schools that disallow the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance because it might offend someone, but see fit to pass out condoms to elementary school children. Really? What is the matter with us?

We defund the next generation of spacecraft, but send the director of NASA to the Middle East to “make the Muslim world feel good about themselves.” Really? We need them to feel good about themselves, we are told, so that they can help us with our space program because “no nation can do it by themselves.”

Really? I don’t recall any Muslim assistance when we put a man on the moon.

I am angry that tax dollars that Congress appropriated for the space program are being used to “make Muslims feel good about themselves.” I suspect most Muslims feel fine about themselves and perhaps the radical Islamists would feel better about themselves if they reconsidered this blowing themselves up thing, stopped treating their women like possessions, and generally dragged themselves out of the twelfth century! What is the matter with us?

Our federal government is suing Arizona for passing a law implementing the same provisions already extant in federal law, but which they (the Feds) refuse to enforce. Do they not understand the impact to Arizona, to the entire country, of a porous border? Do they not understand the financial impact to every tax paying citizen? Do they not see the national security implications of an out of control border? All because someone might be offended? Really? What is the matter with us?

I’ll tell you what is the matter with us. We are drowning in “political correctness” run amok. There is nothing in the Constitution that guarantees protection from being “offended.” I am offended every day by a government that has allowed political correctness to trump common sense. If anyone doesn’t like the “American” way, perhaps they should find a country more to their liking. And how dare anyone come to this country and demand that we change to accommodate them. They knew what we stood for before they came here. If they don’t like it, they should go back where they came from.

Some will accuse me of being racist. I am not. I believe in fair, humane, equal treatment for all irrespective of race, creed or nationality. I am merely commenting on current events. A lot of blood has been shed defending this wonderful Republic and all that it stands for, and it is all being put in jeopardy because of PC nonsense. Will you let it be destroyed with barely a whimper? Tell your elected officials at every level to stop the PC insanity. We are a nation of laws – not anarchistic “feel good” gibberish.

I have to run now. I need to find someone who hates me and try to make them feel good about themselves.

Gary Griffith