Staying out of your own way |

Staying out of your own way

Limiting beliefs plague us. They inundate our thoughts and rule our decision making.

These thoughts have usually been with us for many years, feeling quite familiar and non-negotiable. Even labeling them is a challenge. Many times it takes an outside party to notice and comment on them. You see, these thoughts/beliefs have embedded themselves into our story and we automatically attach. Left unchecked these beliefs dictate our life and create our story. Living up to the label they limit growth, abundance and the freedom we allow ourselves to experience. They’re quite tricky, these thoughts. They leak into our psyche and command our attention. These thoughts are usually immediately overwhelming, eliciting intense emotion. They attach quickly to our neurological need to create a story. The brain loves compartmentalization and so it acts quickly and is rewarded chemically.

Awareness is the enemy. Once you notice the story, discomfort or pattern you have broken free. Awareness is powerful consciousness. Once you are aware of anything in your life that part, role or behavior is never the same. When we truly see something it can never be unseen. This is the other side of denial and the other side of inertia. It is a paradoxical time being both extremely uncomfortable and wildly empowering all at once.

Humans desire to learn and grow at a core level. We strive to find more peace and love in life. Some more than others. Being aware of your limiting beliefs makes you a player in the game. It’s played on the inside. As long as you’re focused outward you’re still lost in the maze looking for the cheese. The moment you begin to look inside and understand your blueprint is self-created you begin to move into a position of power. Energy is wasted trying to control details and your effort is futile. Decide today to empower your thoughts and beliefs and in doing so you become the master of your life.

Bridgette DeBoer M.A., is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, marriage and family therapist. She can be reached at 450-6632.