Petition seeks redevelopment vote |

Petition seeks redevelopment vote

A petition seeking to place a redevelopment area at Stateline on the ballot has been filed with the Douglas County Clerk-Treasurer’s Office.

Election Administrator Dena Dawson said advocates have 180 days from the official Oct. 23 filing date to collect 2,613 signatures, which is a tenth of those who voted in the 2018 election. As of October there were 39,000 registered voters in Douglas County.

Douglas County Auditing Committee Chairman Dave Maxwell is spearheading the petition effort. Last year, Maxwell miscalculated the total amount the redevelopment agency would raise, because he was unfamiliar with how Nevada’s property tax works.

In Nevada it requires only five electors to file a petition. The other members of the petition committee include Ted Gaines, Thomas Starrett, Gregory Brown and Patrick Tafoya.

Starrett’s wife Virginia is commission candidate Mark Gardner’s campaign co-chairwoman along with Jan Muzzy.

The petition has been reviewed by the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office and approved for circulation.

If successful, the petition would require county commissioners to place the issue on the general election ballot in November.

The petition is titled a referendum to reconsider the ordinance approved by county commissioners on Feb. 18, 2016, by a 5-0 vote.

Estimated to generate $113 million over its 30-year life, the redevelopment area was originally approved to help pay for an events center at Stateline.

The money comes from the difference in property taxes as improvements are made inside the area and would have to be spent within its confines.

Even if the area is repealed, whatever money it has collected would still have to be spent within its boundaries.

Proponents say repeal of the ordinance would return $110 million to taxing entities over 30 years in Douglas County.

In addition to the county, those include the school district, Tahoe Douglas Fire District and a variety of other governments.

Douglas County commissioners Dave Nelson and John Engels have been vehement opponents of the area.

Last year the Nevada Legislature approved a $5 a night room fee to help fund the events center.

Commission candidates Mark Gardner and Walt Nowosad are also opposed to the redevelopment area.

Redevelopment Area No. 1 was repealed after 20 years. That area helped develop the commercial areas in the north county.