State rejects petition to ban use of dogs in bear hunting |

State rejects petition to ban use of dogs in bear hunting

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The Nevada Wildlife Commission on Friday rejected a petition to ban the use of dogs for hunting bears.

Commissioners, meeting in Las Vegas, voted against accepting a petition filed by six conservation and animal rights organizations including NoBearHuntNV, Nevada Political Action for Animals, Humane Society of the United States, ASPCA, Nevada Humane Society and the Bear League.

A statewide survey conducted in January 2011 by Mason-Dixon Polling and Research, Inc. showed that only 29 percent of Nevadans supported the practice of using dogs to hunt bears, while 57 percent disapproved.

“The commission’s decision not to hear legitimate arguments on an issue opposed by the majority of Nevadans demonstrates why legislative change to reconfigure the Wildlife Commission is needed in order to give fair representation to all Nevadans.,” said Kathryn Bricker, executive director of No Bear Hunt NV.

Voting against hearing the petition were sportsmen’s representatives Commissioners Jeremy Drew, Michael McBeath, Scott Raine and Bill Young, ranching representative Peter Mori and farming representative Grant Wallace.

Supporting the petition was recent appointee, public representative Dr. Karen Layne and conservation representative David McNinch.