State reduces parking along Highway 50 |

State reduces parking along Highway 50

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The state installed more “no parking” signs along Highway 50 south of Cave Rock this week.

Holiday crowds make travel dangerous along the highway which skirts Lake Tahoe, prompting additional measures.

Parking is already prohibited in the median of Highway 50 between Cave Rock and the entrance to the Cave Rock State Park entrance. Yellow lines have been painted across the median, and additional “no parking” signs and roadway markings were installed to further reinforce the no parking area.

The Nevada Department of Transportation installed 10 new “no parking” signs making unpermitted parking illegal on Highway 50 roadside shoulders and median between Cave Rock and just south of Cave Rock State Park.

The enhanced parking restrictions are aimed at keeping everyone safer by reducing the potential of pedestrian and other traffic crashes. Motorists currently park in narrow pockets of dirt shoulder near the highway’s busy travel lanes, creating potential traffic safety concerns. Erosion and sediment created by parking on the dirt roadway shoulders can also make its way into nearby Lake Tahoe, impacting lake clarity.

Illegally-parked vehicles can be towed from no parking zones and drivers ticketed.