State OKs settlements from accident involving NHP trooper |

State OKs settlements from accident involving NHP trooper

by Geoff Dornan, Nevada Appeal

The Nevada Board of Examiners on Tuesday voted to pay $150,000 to the families of those killed when a Nevada Highway Patrol trooper slammed into their vehicle while traveling 113 mph.

Joshua Corcran’s patrol car hit the back of a vehicle traveling 50 mph while he was speeding home for dinner on Interstate 15 in Las Vegas. He didn’t have his emergency lights or siren on at the time.

Corcran, 30, pleaded guilty to felony charges in connection with the February 2006 accident and was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Chief Deputy Attorney General Daniel Wong advised the board, consisting of the governor, attorney general and secretary of state, that these are just the first three claims and that there will be others in the future.

Each claim was paid at the statutory cap of $50,000 to the parents of the victims, Graciela Lang, Jose De Paz Cruz and Sylvia De Leon La Cruz.

Cecilia Lopez Cruz, 16 at the time and pregnant, was the only survivor in the car Corcran hit. Her husband Victor, 21, her sister Reymunda Lopez-Vasquez, 21, the sister’s uncle Jose Sanchez Lopez, 42, and Jose Roberto Mejia Lang, 19, a friend, all died in the wreck.

In other board news:

The board voted to add nine more staff to the Parole Board to help meet new requirements giving inmates more rights during their parole hearings.

The new staff will cost $1.26 million.

Secretary of State Ross Miller asked said those positions would be enough for the board to process the inmate hearings under the new rules. Board Chairman Dorla Salling said the requirements to provide inmates reasonable notice of all hearings involving them and allowing them to have someone at the hearings to represent them will slow things up in any event.

“Unfortunately, the process is going to drag because we now have to see people we didn’t have to see before,” she said. “There is a chance we will be back for more money.”