State issues stimulus scam warning |

State issues stimulus scam warning

Staff Reports

The Nevada Attorney General’s Office is warning Nevadans to be alert of scams related to the pending federal stimulus package. While a deal has been negotiated and the bill awaits final votes and the president’s signature, Congress’ economic relief package, in part, proposes to send money directly to individual Americans in response to the financial distress caused by COVID-19. These one-time payments could range from $1,200 per individual and up to $2,400 for joint taxpayers, depending on income.

As of Wednesday, there were still questions about how checks will be dispersed.

Fraudsters may leave messages by telephone or social media requesting personal or financial information in exchange for a “grant.”

Scammers may ask for information, including Social Security numbers and confirming of identity to receive their funding. They may promise additional financing beyond the designated stimulus amount in exchange for a payment or personal information.

Residents should:

​Avoid giving access to your bank account other than those whom you have authorized.

​Avoid suggestions of paying any amount of money to receive stimulus.

​Check your mailbox frequently to ward off theft.

​Beware of entering your personal or financial information into phishing websites that appear to look like legitimate government websites; and

​Do not share personal information with any person or website that asks for it related to the federal stimulus package.

If you believe you have been a victim of a scam, you may file a complaint by calling toll free at (888) 434-9989.