Increases to state recording fees take effect Oct. 1 |

Increases to state recording fees take effect Oct. 1

Staff Reports

Fees for recording documents will go up on Oct. 1 as a result of the passage of a measure in the Nevada Legislature.

Recording fees in Nevada will now be predictable and residents will not have to calculate them.

This recording fee model was requested by lenders and settlement agents in response to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s adoption of regulations known as “Know Before You Owe.”

“This fee increase was not something we pushed for at a local level but, we are doing our best to help the public understand and become aware of the new fee structure,” said Douglas County Recorder Karen Ellison.

Recording fees will no longer be dependent upon a set recording fee for the first page, plus $1 for each additional page.

Additionally, the $25 nonstandard fee will no longer apply.

The predictable recording fee for all counties in Nevada will be $25 per document, which does not include the other statutory fees imposed on documents to be recorded.