Stand up for yourself |

Stand up for yourself


“Have you enjoyed your day?”

This snide question was asked of me by the small claims court judge after I had been sitting in the courtroom for the past three hours as a plaintiff against a defendant whom was not even there.

Let me repeat, I was the plaintiff against the defendant whom was not even there. My court date finally arrived after two months of trying to get this person served. Small claims court failed three times to serve papers and as a result my court date was canceled. Why wasn’t I awarded a judgment then? I was told my next step was to pay an additional $22 to have the sheriff serve the defendant so I could go to court and get a chance at a judgment. Now it’s finally my big day in court, and he doesn’t even show up? Why wasn’t I granted an immediate judgment and sent on my way? Why did I have to waste three hours of my life which I will never get back? Why did I have to sit through three hours of frivolous lawsuits which had no business even being in a court room?

I had to do it because our system is broken. It’s time we stand up and put an end to this insanity. We need to voice our opinions and let people know how we feel. My answer to this judge was a polite “No I have not. You and your courtroom have completely wasted my time.” Then I went on about the business at hand: winning my judgment. I don’t know how the judge interpreted my remark, but for me this was a start. I will be following up with a written letter to the same judge on the same topic.

I hope the next time you’re wronged you can stand up and do the same.

Ryan McTee