St. Gall treats seniors to home-cooked meal |

St. Gall treats seniors to home-cooked meal

by Caryn Haller

Shannon Litz/The Record-Courier

Greg Silvestro loves cooking for a crowd.

On Thursday, he and a group of volunteers at St. Gall Catholic Church treated more than 60 seniors to a free lunch.

“We thought it would be a nice gift for the seniors in our community to have a home-cooked meal,” Silvestro said. “I love to cook. It’s a small gesture for me to give back to people who do so much for our church and community. It’s a way of saying, thank you.”

On the menu was barbecue pulled pork, coleslaw, homemade applesauce and apple pie.

Between 50 to 80 seniors attend the Older Hearts Beat Young lunch 1 p.m. the first Thursday of the month.

“It’s pretty steady. We can always take more,” Silvestro said. “I make a lot. There’s always plenty of food.”

Beverly Dearth attends the lunch every month following noon Mass.

“I’m so glad they do it. I belong to this church, and we didn’t have anything for seniors,” the Gardnerville resident said. “It helps people get to know each other. We have so many Masses that if you only go to one, you might not know all the people.”

Minden resident Delmar McCoy enjoys the socialization he gets during lunch.

“It’s very, very good. I’m tired of my own cooking,” he said. “It’s more than just lunch. I’m here because the people are so social here. I’ve met new people.”

Beverly Olsen brings Merrill Gardens residents to lunch every month.

“It shows them somebody loves them. They appreciate the kindness and patience, and everybody is so good to them,” Olsen said. “It means a lot to them, and they’re not all members of the Catholic Church.”

Donna Negrey attended the lunch for the first time with her quilters group that meets at St. Gall.

“It’s pretty wonderful,” she said of the barbecue sandwich.

Smith’s Food and Drug in Gardnerville donated 42 pounds of pork for Thursday’s lunch.

“I wanted to give back to the community,” Store Director Chris Gauss said. “It’s awesome. It’s good to see it go to a good cause.”

June 6 will be the final lunch until September. To RSVP, call the church office by May 31 at 782-2852.