St. Gall readies for big rummage sale |

St. Gall readies for big rummage sale

Katie Weber shows off an antique piano at St. Gall Catholic Church on Monday.
Kurt Hildebrand

OK, so you probably can’t see the St. Gall Catholic Church Rummage Sale from space, but the annual church sale is one of the biggest single shopping experiences in Carson Valley.

The event just keeps growing, according to organizers.

“We have had more stuff this year than we’ve ever had,” organizer Katie Weber said a week and a half before show time. “And there’s so much stuff that’s still packed up.”

This year’s sale is Aug. 2-3 and Gardnerville residents should expect Centerville Lane to be chock full of shoppers’ cars on Friday morning.

One of the changes this year is an expanded toy department.

“I am the toy department,” Karen Brekas said as she sorted through piles of brightly colored plastic and stuffed animals.

While you can still find an eight-track tape for sale for a quarter, you’re on your own when it comes to the player, according to the folks staffing the electronics department.

Weber was waiving off additional donations, and a walk around the church grounds shows why.

The church’s new storage building is full of couches while other furniture is under awnings set up outside.

“We worked in the building every since the spring sale and we have a ton of stuff already sorted and ready to go,” Weber said. “The building’s all set up with furniture now.”

Weber said she thought the piano was the star of the antique department.

“It’s so gorgeous,” she said. “It came in after we’d been out here for a while. We didn’t take pianos and now we’ve got four.”

Anyone getting ready for ski season can find quite an assortment of gear at the rummage sale.

Not everything at the rummage sale ends up leaving with someone.

“We’ve got some holdover,” she said. “We give some away to charities and we do save some for the spring sale. But we mark everything down so low that last afternoon, rather than sell good stuff cheap, we’ll hold it over for the spring sale.”

The sale is open 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Aug. 2 and 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Aug. 3.

Organizers ask that shoppers not bring shopping carts or strollers. No food or drinks are allowed in the gym.