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Spring has arrived, and with it flooding

by John Hefner

Welcome to Spring! I do not know about you but I am thankful for our miracle march. However, I am not a snow person. My favorite seasons are spring and fall and we are heading for some delightful weather coming up. I need to get the dog leash and take in some walks.

Spring also increases the possibility of flooding in our area. Those April showers can be devastating for some if they dump a lot of rain. If you haven’t received your notification yet Douglas County is making a presentation on the Johnson Lane Flood Mitigation Plan which was recently completed. You can find the press release at https://www.douglascountynv.gov/DocumentCenter/View/7837 and you can see the presentation and backup maps at this link http://www.douglascountynv.gov/1155/Flash-Flooding. Frankly, I didn’t see any revelations in the online documents. I am hoping to attend the meeting to see if the presenters have any grand ideas. I believe this meeting is just the beginning of briefing the findings and brainstorming for solutions. Here is the meeting information: 5–7 p.m. Tuesday, April 10 (Short presentation at 5:30 p.m.) CVIC Hall 1602 Esmeralda Ave. Minden.

Recently, the news has talked about the housing shortage in Northern Nevada. We are having a large influx of new residents from the Great State of California. I recognize their desire to escape many of the states issues including taxes. I do not think we should fault them for wanting to join in our little bit of paradise. I have met a lot of wonderful people and I won’t judge them because they seek the same happiness we all do.

Housing in Johnson Lane is at a premium. Agents are skirmishing for listings. I have even experienced them cold calling and asking if I would be willing to sell my house. I am sure many of you have received this same call. This market is great for us home owners as we are seeing a fast increase in our equity. The are many new homes being built in the area as well.

The issue around housing is the affordability for young families. I have a son and a daughter with young children. They both had to chose housing in Dayton where homes are reasonable. They simply could not afford homes in grandpa’s neighborhood. I think that is an issue we are going to have to deal with in the future. I do not think we can take a not in our back-yard stance. That would only cause our neighborhood to stagnate. I enjoy seeing young people enjoying our lifestyle. We are so lucky to have this area where our kids and families can go for horse or quad ride without fear of being threaten. It is easy to want to keep it a secret, but we need families.

We need to have thoughtful discussions about how to provide affordable housing. I am not advocating for row houses or small compact apartments. But we need rentals that families can afford and entry level homes for those moving from apartments to consider for purchase. Communities such as ours need to have a path to home ownership for working families. As it stands right now we do not have such a path.

I want to address the latest Grand Jury report. There was a great deal of issues brought up by this years Grand Jury. To me one of the most important is the emphasis that the Grand Jury’s recommendations be taken seriously. This body dedicated a great deal of time and effort. It would be shameful for their recommendations to be pushed aside and not taken seriously. It is absolutely unacceptable that in today’s era of technology that the whole tire gate scandal was able to go on for so long with out action. Even after it was detected it wasn’t acted upon immediately. That is a failure of government which has cost us the citizens over a million dollars in lost funding. The county must implement a proper system of checks and balances where a requestor is not also the purchasing agent. Approvals should always be at least one level higher.

I will not chime in on the quota issue, that you can decide for yourself since it has an effect on a political outcome. I have always stayed away from political issues in this Journal.

I would like to thank the Grand Jury members and all the county staff that cooperated with the process. It needs to continue at a minimum of every 5 years and it needs to be taken seriously.

Finally, please be aware that the Pine Nut Mountains Trail Association is planning a cleanup here in Johnson Lane. It will be held on Sunday April 22nd between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. There will be a dumpster located at the top of Johnson Lane. Participants will be given an area to clean up. This is for cleanup of the wildness area, it is not a call out to bring your household goods or trash. You are encouraged to bring work gloves, hats, boots, shovels, rakes and 4×4 vehicles. You can find out more about this event at https://www.facebook.com/events/1579642622150231/. You can also contact Mike Pailliotet at 831 588 9063

I hope you all have a great month. Get those classic cars ready for the shows! It is going to be a wonderful season.

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