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Highway 395 northbound open at Cradlebaugh

Public safety officials block southbound Highway 395 Monday afternoon north of the Cradlebaugh Bridge.
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The northbound lanes of Highway 395 reopened at Cradlebaugh Bridge at 6 a.m. after being closed for most of the night.

The southbound lanes of the highway were closed as of 7 a.m. Tuesday, sending commuters down Jacks Valley Road.

Previous information:

Highway 395 is closed at Cradlebaugh Bridge where water from the Carson River has been rising to cover both southbound lanes.

Nevada Department of Transportation Spokeswoman Meg Ragonese confirmed the road was closed at the slough just north of the river.

“For public safety, we have had contractors from Road and Highway Builders staged on U.S. 395 at the Cradlebaugh Slough (Sunday) and today to remove flood-related debris and monitor safety of the bridge and roadway,” she said. “As the river crests, water is lapping up onto one of the southbound lanes. As of approximately 2 pm, we are closing southbound U.S. 395 at the Cradlebaugh Slough for public safety.”

Southbound traffic is being diverted down Jacks Valley Road through Genoa. Both Genoa and Muller lanes are closed, so motorists first chance to turn east would be Mottsville Lane, which is opened with water over the roadway.

Centerville Lane is closed, but may reopen this afternoon.

The next turn is Fairview, and then travelers may go north on Highway 88 to get to town.

According to Ragonese, Genoa and Muller lanes in Carson Valley area remain closed. The entire length of Genoa Lane (between U.S. 395 and Foothill Road) is currently closed. The western section of Muller Lane is closed between U.S. 395 and Foothill Road. Both roads experienced roadway shoulder damage, but are anticipated to reopen within the next day or two. Residents will valid ID are allowed access on Muller and Genoa lanes.

She said state bridge inspectors have visually assessed state bridges susceptible to high levels of erosion in northwestern Nevada for any imminent bridge safety concerns. No immediate damages or imminent safety concerns were found on state bridges, but NDOT will contract with underwater bridge inspectors as floodwaters subside to review further for any potential bridge damage.