Stateline to Carson City bus route canceled |

Stateline to Carson City bus route canceled

by Claire Cudahy
Tahoe Transportation District eliminated the bus route from South Shore to Carson City due to an issue with federal funding.
Courtesy / Tahoe Transportation District |

An act of Congress will be required to get a bus route between Stateline and Carson City rolling again.

Route 21x officially stopped on Oct. 1 due to a lack of funding, according to Tahoe Transportation District Manager Carl Hasty.

He was hopeful that federal funding would be available to restore the route in the future.

Hasty said the timeline for bringing the direct route to Carson City back depends on when Congress pushes the federal funding change through. It could be up to a year.

To compensate for the loss of the route, Hasty said the district has “streamlined” the route from South Shore to Minden-Gardnerville and on to Carson City.

“It takes a little longer, but you can still get there,” added Hasty.

In December, the district changed its federal designation from rural to urban, which opened up a five-year funding opportunity, versus year-to-year discretionary funding.

“That’s not something that Tahoe has had before. So that was a good thing. That would have been OK for us if one other little event hadn’t happened in getting this language changed,” said Hasty.

“There’s two factors important in the transit funding formula: population and density. So the population was there, but the density component was not included as we were going through the conference committee and putting all this together. And that affects how much you get in your formula.”

As a result, funding is not available for the route to and from Carson City.

“So now we are pursing that fix, but in the meantime there’s a consequence here,” said Hasty.

Hasty said that TTD understands that the route to and from Carson City is important for commuters and others who go off the hill for medical service, school and shopping.

“It’s important to our economy here,” he said.