Sometimes good things happen out of the blue |

Sometimes good things happen out of the blue

by Ron Walker

We pause on the harbor promenade. We are in Monte Carlo. Yachts the size of cruisers are anchored at our feet. Overhead, a laser-like dome of fireworks fills the sky. Streamers, explosive bursts, and swishing sounds continue on for a long, long time. This is Monaco’s way of announcing the Princess Grace Red Cross Benefit. To be in attendance, you had better be famous, wealthy, or notorious. So why are we here? We are simple family folk, with three children: Marla and Tom, who are still at home, and Randy, who has recently flown the nest.

In point of fact, this is a gigantic gift from my employer and friend, Tibor Rudas, (who graces the Three Tenors fame). It is he who has made it possible through his uncanny planning.

At the uppermost levels of corporate business, absolute decision-making is given to those in authority. Whatever they deem necessary to get the job done is their prerogative. In this case, Mr. Rudas wishes to have his choreographer (me) present when his eight lovely “Acro-Dancers” go flipping, tumbling, and dancing across the stage. Major stars are on the bill, such as Tony Bennett, Dionne Warwick, and others. But for sheer, hand-clapping, foot-stompin’ excitement, the eight little fillies from Australia are necessary. It’s what we call good showbusiness.

Now the question is: what is Mr. Rudas’ reason for wanting Orllyene and me here? The “Acro-Dancers” are bone-hard professionals, who don’t need my assistance in rehearsing. No, it’s because Mr. Rudas has a big heart and knows we will have the time of our lives. So, it becomes our lot to stay at the Hermitage Hotel, dine in intimate Romanesque cafes, browse the shops along the palm-lined streets of Monte Carlo, and gasp at the way royalty lives in Monaco.

Tibor’s wizardry doesn’t stop here. Marla will stay with Mr. and Mrs. Wilson. Mr. Wilson is the manager of our show on Paradise Island. The Wilson’s have two delightful daughters who are Marla’s age. Tom will stay with Larry Grayson, the manager of our Paradise Island show. Larry has a home on the golf course and Tom will have the use of a golf cart. Because Paradise Island is auto-free at this time, Tom scours every inch of the Island.

As a matter of reciprocation, Orllyene, Marla, Tom, and I will spend four weeks in Montreal, so that Mr. Wilson and his family are able to fly to Australia to spend time with their family. The Wilsons will then fly to Montreal, where Mr. Wilson will replace me as manager, and I will resume my duties as choreographer in Las Vegas.

Another more recent benefactor I’d like to mention is the anonymous “Fairy Godmother of Nob Hill,” with whom we recently spent six glorious days. This time, she is treating a lovely and talented dancer, Chizuru, who is a transplant from Hiroshima. In Japanese, “Chizuru” means “swan” and that’s truly the way she dances. When I call and ask what Chizuru said as she gazed out on the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, I was told, “she almost cried, and then she gave me a hug.”

How nice to realize that unexpectedly good things do happen. There are definitely angels amongst us.

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