Some Sierra passes close for winter |

Some Sierra passes close for winter

Staff Reports

Last year, Ebbetts Pass closed for the season on Nov. 30. As of Tuesday, the pass between Markleeville and Bear Valley is closed but could reopen early next week depending on the weather.

Snow and ice have closed Sonora Pass, the earliest it has been shut in a decade, according to the California Department of Transportation.

The eastern entrance to Yosemite National Park has closed, but could reopen depending on the weather and park officials.

“In the case of SR-120, Yosemite National Park leadership confers with Caltrans to coordinate closure of park entrance gates as well as Caltrans gates,” officials said. “Several factors weigh in to influence the temporary closing, seasonal closures and opening of our pass roadways. Storms, accumulation of snow, and road conditions are all considered in the decision-making process. For the safety of motorists and Caltrans crews, continual updating of these passes will be assessed until the seasonal closure of each is decided.”

Travel south of Carson Valley should be quiet through most of the holiday week, with warm conditions prevailing through Saturday.

National Weather Service forecasters are predicting warm temperatures before a colder storm arrives on Sunday.

A chance of snow is forecast for Sunday night, with forecasters saying travelers should watch the weather if their routes go over the passes.