Some homes off new flood maps |

Some homes off new flood maps

New flood insurance maps issued in 2010 added 4,000 acres and 1,000 homes to the flood plain across eastern Carson Valley.

After a five-year battle with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to get those maps revised, residents will get a chance to look at the new maps at a Flood Awareness Week event on Nov. 5.

The new maps revise the floodplain limits for the Buck Brush, Johnson Lane, Sunrise Pass and Airport washes and are expected to take effect in June 2016.

Douglas County challenged the maps issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in 2010 that included many homes in the floodplain that hadn’t been there previously.

That required those homeowners with federally guaranteed mortgages to purchase flood insurance, increasing their monthly payments.

While several locations along those washes were subject to flooding over the last two summers, flood insurance only covers structural damage to a home. Damage to yards is not covered under flood insurance.

Flood insurance for those parcels costs $800-900 a year. While homeowners may no longer be required to pay for flood insurance, the money they’ve already spent won’t be refunded.

Douglas County appealed the base flood elevations and base flood depths used by FEMA for multiple flooding sources as shown on the preliminary Flood Insurance Rate.

Representatives of the National Flood Insurance Program will be at the event to advise residents on alternatives, including less expensive flood insurance for homes not in the primary flood plain.

This year’s event will be 11 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. Nov. 5 in the North Room of the Douglas County Community and Senior Center.

Staff from Douglas County, East Fork Fire Paramedic District, Carson Water Subconservancy District, Nevada Division of Emergency Management, FEMA, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension and the National Weather Service will be on site and available to answer a variety of flood related questions.