Snow didn’t survive long |

Snow didn’t survive long

Tim Berube's photo of the wagon in front of Trimmers Outpost in Genoa.

Despite last week’s big storm, this winter has been drier and warmer than last year.

With only a week left in January, the Carson River basin only has 94 percent of its average snowpack and has only received three-quarters of its average precipitation.

Neighboring Lake Tahoe basin is at 85 percent of average and the Walker River basin is at 73 percent.

Minden weather watcher Stan Kapler reported 4 inches of snow from last week’s storm, which contained 0.3 inches of moisture, which is the total for the month so far.

Average for the month as of Wednesday is more than an inch of moisture in the Douglas County seat, where records have been kept since 1906.

January is typically one of the key months in the water year with almost 1.5 inches of moisture.

A strong December helped bring moisture levels up to average for the water year, which begins Oct. 1.

The average high temperature for January has dropped to 48.3 degrees, only 1.7 degrees warmer than average. The average low temperature for the month has been 18.9 degrees, 1.8 degrees warmer than average.