Slick roads may return tonight |

Slick roads may return tonight

Staff Reports

Motorists should expect any thawed snow on the roads to refreeze and create slick conditions, warned Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Chuck Allen.

“When temperatures start to fall close to the freezing mark, consider the roadway surfaces to be icy and not wet,” he said. “Be especially aware of black ice to form on bridges and below over-passes. Additionally, motorists should plan on allowing more time for their commute by reducing their vehicle’s speed and maintaining a greater than normal following distance with other vehicles.”

Slick roads resulted in more than three dozen vehicle accidents across Northern Nevada.

A fast-moving winter storm dumped snow that stuck to roadways around the region.

Allen said that during a winter storm watch between 1 a.m. and 10 a.m. today the NHP responded to 37 vehicle accidents. Of those, 27 were property damage while the remaining 10 involved some sort of injury, including one on Mottsville Lane that saw a pickup spin out at about 9:14 a.m. The driver reported back and hand injuries as a result of the accident. East Fork medics responded to the call.

None of those crashes involved serious or life-threatening injuries.

Allen said snow started falling shortly after midnight and the calls followed shortly thereafter.

Allen said that while there wasn’t a particular problem area, there were several single-vehicle rollover crashes in the rural areas and most of the other collisions involved only one vehicle.

“Additionally, our agency assisted with at least 15 spin-outs or slide-offs this morning throughout the region,” Allen said. “Troopers also assisted dozens of motorists whose vehicles could not create traction on several roadways and highways to include travel lanes, entrance or exit ramps, and at multiple intersections on the city streets near our area highways, especially where there was any amount of an incline.”