Slaughterhouse proponents appeal denial |

Slaughterhouse proponents appeal denial

An appeal of the planning commission’s denial of a slaughterhouse at Centerville and Highway 88 was filed this week.

Community Development Director Tom Dallaire confirmed that Sinclair Farms filed the appeal.

Planning commissioners initially split down the middle earlier this month on the issue, with a 3-3 vote. Planning commissioner Devere Henderson was not at the meeting.

After several votes, planning commissioner Maureen Casey switched to no in order to provide a definitive 4-2 answer to the applicant.

Dallaire said the appeal won’t appear on Thursday’s county commissioners’ agenda.

The 60-acre site served as a dairy for six decades. Owner Karen Sinclair plans to repurpose the buildings already on the site. Proponents said they will also have to obtain permits from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection.

Mike Holcomb said a federal inspector is required to be on the site when animals are being slaughtered, which will be five days a week.

No more than 60 animals can be processed during the week, under the permit being sought.

Presently, Carson Valley ranchers have to go to Wolfpack Meats operated by the University of Nevada, Reno, for commercial slaughter.

Residents on both sides jostled to be heard at the county courthouse at the Sept. 10 planning commission.