Slater recognizes responsibility to community |

Slater recognizes responsibility to community

Movers and Shakers is a weekly feature of the Sunday EXTRA.

* Name, age, title, originally from, how long in Carson Valley? Randy Slater, retired from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department and currently a member of the Gardnerville Town Board, since 1995. I was raised on Bainbridge Island in the state of Washington and have been a resident of Carson Valley since 1958.

* What originally brought you to Carson Valley? I originally came to Carson Valley (while) in the military. After being discharged from the U.S. Army and with the birth of my two sons, I went to work for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department in 1961. I held all positions within the department other than sheriff. I was also, a little known fact, the first full-time Juvenile Probation Officer for Douglas County.

* What are your job responsibilities? What is a typical days schedule? Who is your boss? As a present member of the Gardnerville Town Board, my job responsibility is to do the best job possible for the residents of Gardnerville and hopefully meet the needs of all the residents, in which in itself, can be very trying at times, but it is always rewarding and satisfying. I work for all the residents of Gardnerville.

* What is the No. 1 priority or goal set for your job? My number one goal is to always attempt to satisfy all the residents of our Town of Gardnerville. This, of course, is an impossibility, but the attempt to satisfy the majority is sincere.

* What is a little known fact about your job? The Gardnerville Town Board only represents the people who reside in the Town of Gardnerville proper. We do not represent all persons with a Gardnerville 89410 zip code. We receive many calls from residents outside our jurisdiction with requests for services which, unfortunately, we can not provide. I always attempt to guide them to their proper governing body.

* In your spare time, what activities do you enjoy? My wife and I enjoy traveling any where warm in the winter and any where cool in the summer. We also enjoy our grandchildren’s sports activities and pretty much life in general.

* Do you have family? My family consists of my wife Linda, former Douglas County Recorder, two adult sons, Dennis of Smith Valley and Dan of Oak Harbor, Washington and three terrific grandsons David, Riley and Dylan.

* Who is your role model? My role model is a composite of many people throughout my life, ranging from priests and nuns I had as educators to world leaders and even a few politicians or really anyone who truly does their best.

* What is your favorite song or artist? My favorite artist would have to be a ballad singer by the name of Roger Whittaker. However, my favorite song, although there are many, would have to be “”Suddenly There’s A Valley,” by Jo Stafford.

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