Skate park may move across street from Lampe Park |

Skate park may move across street from Lampe Park

by Christy Chalmers, staff writer

A skate park planned for Lampe Park may be moved across the street if an earlier offer of a 22-acre land donation stands.

Douglas County leaders indicated Thursday they would prefer the site, across Waterloo Lane south of Lampe Park, if Herbig Properties Ltd. follows through on a year-old offer to donate the land to the county.

“If that site is better, then that’s where it ought to be,” said County Commissioner Jacques Etchegoyhen.

The commissioners decided in 1999 to put the skate park on the south side of Lampe Park, between the tennis courts, a playground and a parking lot. Though neighbors objected, citing concerns about additional parking and traffic problems, as well as conflicts with other park users, the vote was unanimous.

Construction was to begin this summer, but a higher-than-expected bid has delayed the process.

The question about relocating the park arose because Herbig Properties Ltd., owners of 30 acres south of Waterloo Lane, won a Supreme Court decision that granted a master plan change for the land.

When Herbig representatives originally asked the county for the change, they indicated they wanted to put commercial development on 7.68 acres along Highway 395 and would give the rest to the county to expand Lampe Park.

The county commission was scheduled to introduce zoning that would allow those changes, but the matter was postponed. However, County Manager Dan Holler said the owners have indicated an interest in conveying the land and suggested the skate park could be relocated.

The commissioners said that’s fine, but emphasized that the property would have to be donated, as was first proposed. Otherwise, they said they will require the project to repeat the planning process.

“If there’s any hiccups or any flinching, as far as I’m concerned, everything’s up for grabs,” said commissioner Don Miner.

The zoning changes will probably be considered again in September.

Delays in the bid process have pushed back the start date for construction on the skatepark in Lampe Park.

According to parks and recreation Director Scott Morgan, two bids were received incorrectly filled out, so they had to be rejected.

The county then advertised again for bids, but no bids came in, Morgan said.

According to county policy, because no bids were received, the parks and recreation department is allowed to seek out contractors and negotiate with them. Morgan said they are in discussions with two companies.

“We are hoping to bring a contract to the board in September for an approval. We are looking at two different firms. We’re anxious to get it done. In a perfect world, it would have been half way done by now,” Morgan said.

(Reporter Merrie Leininger contributed to this story.)