Sierra Saver ambulance subscription shifting from July to January |

Sierra Saver ambulance subscription shifting from July to January

Staff Reports

Enrollment for the East Fork Fire and Paramedic Districts’ Silver Savers ambulance subscription program will change from July to January this year.

The move is designed to align the program with health insurance renewals and will place the program on a calendar year as opposed to a fiscal year.

To do this, the districts are going to provide all current subscribers six months of free coverage in order to get them to the January effective date.

New subscribers who would like to purchase a membership in July may do so at a prorated amount for six months for $25.

This will be a one-time only offering during the month of July and will cover the subscriber until the new renewal cycle begins later this year at which time they would have to purchase the annual subscription for coverage in 2015.

The annual cost will remain at $50 per year.

Several years ago, the districts lowered the annual fee from $75 to the current $50 fee in recognition of the troubled economy.

At this time, the districts have no plans of increasing the annual fee.

The second change coming will also be a benefit to subscribers.

The districts are entering into agreements with Carson City, Central Lyon County, and Storey County to honor each other’s programs.

In other words, if you have an East Fork subscription and require an ambulance in Carson City, your East Fork subscription will be honored by Carson City.

District Chief Tod Carlini said that the district’s subscription program is a value-based program and insurance policy for emergency/medically necessary ambulance transports.

For the annual fee of $50, a subscriber could save $1,200 in ambulance charges.

“It really is a good deal and provides peace of mind. I purchase a subscription each year.” Carlini stated.

There are limitations and regulations governing the subscription, so individuals are encouraged to visit the district office and ask questions.

Lisa Owen, executive office manager, said that one of the differences in the East Fork program is that the district will review the benefits and possible costs with those who may not benefit from the program due to certain insurances and deductible amounts.

“We tend to personalize our subscription programs for our customers,” she said. “We aren’t here just trying to sell subscriptions. We want our constituents to receive a value-driven benefit.”

For more information, stop by the East Fork Fire and Paramedic Districts’ office, visit the districts’ website at or call the East Fork Fire and Paramedic Districts’ Ambulance Billing Office at 782-9044.