Sierra Lutheran striving for gold in Academic Olympics |

Sierra Lutheran striving for gold in Academic Olympics

by Scott Neuffer

A group of eggs laid in the same place and hatched at the same time is called what?

Both Sierra Lutheran and Smith Valley high schools said “clutch,” the correct answer, during the regional Academic Olympics tournament at Sierra Lutheran High School Monday afternoon.

The question was one of many, from a variety of topics.

Participating in the event were five 1A high schools from around northern Nevada: Sierra Lutheran, Smith Valley, Gerlach, Virginia City and Coleville.

Five teams of six students each competed, having 30 seconds after each question to brainstorm, formulate an answer and write it on their dry erase board. Administrators were assigned to each team to verify answers.

After two hours, Sierra Lutheran emerged victorious, closing out Virginia City for the win. The school also won the competition’s first tournament in Virginia City on Oct. 29. The last tournament will be in Gerlach on Nov. 19.

In 2006, Sierra Lutheran High School won the state championship in their division.

“We started participating in this three years ago, and we’ve had good fortune with it,” said executive director of Sierra Lutheran Norm Brauer. “This year, the students have a chance to defend the championship title.”

Sierra Lutheran senior and team member Jackie Latragna lauded her classmates.

“We’re a strong, nice-rounded group,” she said.

But senior Kate Darby warned they had a ways to go.

“The competition is a little tighter this year,” she said.

“We need to have fun while we defend our title,” said fellow senior Stewart Terry.

After the third tournament, the top two teams will compete in the state championships in Eureka on Dec. 3.