Showing kids you care |

Showing kids you care


There is a poster in my office right by my desk to serve as a reminder to myself and the staff. It’s titled “150 Ways to show kids you care.” As I have read down the list several times I am reminded that every word we speak and every action we make some child or many child are observing, listening and taking in personally.

No. 1 on the poster states “Notice them” – we do that every day by greeting the kids at the door

No. 2 states “Smile a lot” – We try but can always work on that

No. 3 states “Acknowledge them” – that too is done every day by asking how school went, telling them how smart they are, using our be great box, birthday acknowledgement etc.

No. 10 “play with them” – check

No. 15 “Tell them their feelings are ok” we do this daily when breaking up arguments or fights, working through frustrations, injuries and by running accredited classes such as Smart Moves, Smart Kids and Passport to Manhood.

No. 22 Notice that they are acting differently – we run power hour mon-wed so that we are able to work one on one with them regarding their homework and study habits. This allows us to get to know patterns and behaviors and when one child begins to fall behind we can fill the gap and talk to parents or refer to other agencies such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters and Tahoe Youth and Family Services.

No. 29 “Feed them when they are hungry” – Milk and snack are provided everyday to every child who attends.

No. 48 “Make yourself available” Having the Club here in this Valley for the past four years has made more of a difference then we would be able to ever measure.

The list continues, show up at events, keep your promises, encourage them, catch them doing something right, meet their parents, know their friends, praise them, be consistent, enjoy your time with them, believe in them, be flexible, hang out, be silly, appreciate their individuality, inspire their creativity, encourage them to think big, introduce them to new experiences, be spontaneous, and love them no matter what.

That poster is Boys & Girls Club of Carson Valley.

Shannon Harris

Branch Director

Boys and Girls Club of Carson Valley