Shooting spree leaves trail of broken windows |

Shooting spree leaves trail of broken windows

by Joey Crandall, Staff Writer

glistens in the daylight. | R-C photo by Shannon Litz.

Employees at several businesses along the Highway 395 corridor through Gardnerville and Minden arrived at work to find holey windows the morning of New Year’s eve.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office received reports Wednesday morning of broken windows from Penguin Plumbing, The Record-Courier and Joyce’s Gifts and Antiques, while a manager at a local glass repair shop said that it replaced windows at Jen’s Optical House, Subway and Engine Dynamics in the Johnson Lane area.

All signs at press time point to the work of a bored BB gun owner although nothing had been officially determined by press time.

“We can’t really do ballistics on BB guns,” said Lt. Ross Chichester of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. “But it’s 99 percent positive that if they happened right in a row there, they’re probably all connected. Someone with too much time on their hands and a BB gun.”

Matthew Arbour, a manager at Wayne’s Glass said he started getting calls for window replacements right after he came in to work.

“It was just funny because we got that first call and then they kept coming,” Arbour said. “It didn’t take long for us to think, ‘Whoa, something is going on here.'”

Arbour said that two of the business had tempered safety glass, which blows up immediately upon impact. The other business reported windows with bullet holes in them.

Arbour said it was the second day in a row that Subway had to replace a window.

“No one found rocks laying outside or anything,” Arbour said. “It was just too fishy.”

Representatives from other glass shops in town were unavailable for comment.

Chichester said that there aren’t any suspects right now. The most likely charge for the crime would be destruction of property, which varies in degree of punishment depending on the value of what was damaged.

Anyone with information about the damage can call the sheriff’s office at (775) 782-9935 and ask for investigations.

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