Shooter will seek treatment before sentencing |

Shooter will seek treatment before sentencing

A Johnson Lane man who fired six shots at a housemate in July admitted to assault with a deadly weapon Tuesday.

Grant A. Lukins, 35, was arrested after a standoff at a home on Squires Street on July 26.

Lukins will be allowed to attend an outpatient treatment program in Elko for alcoholism. He was intoxicated when he and the housemate became involved in an altercation and he started shooting.

Lukins’ family will drive him to Elko for treatment and bring him back to Douglas County after he’s done in time for his Jan. 14, 2020, sentencing. Lukins faces up to 1-6 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

■ A Californian who admitted to using someone else’s credit card and driving someone else’s vehicle received consecutive three-year prison sentences on Monday.

Jeremy D. Stritenberger, 43, admitted charges of fraudulent use of a credit card and possession of a stolen motor vehicle in September.

He was arrested near the old power dam south of Gardnerville on July 21 with a stolen 2004 Tacoma and a California woman who gave her niece’s name when they were arrested.

Both Stritenberger and Riki Eltringham, 41, were ordered to pay $675 restitution to the victim. Eltingham was sentenced in October for using her niece’s identity and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Attorney Maria Pence asked that the two prison sentences be served at the same time.

However prosecutor Chelsea Mazza pointed out that the two crimes had different victims and should be treated as separate.

She said that Stritenberger has warrants out for his arrest in other states, in addition to the charges he faced here. Stritenberger was given credit for 107 days served.

■ A Genoa man was ordered released on his own recognizance so he could undergo eye surgery that will save his sight.

Darren T. LeFever, 31, admitted on Monday that he had cocaine on March 1. He has been in custody since March 20, which his attorney pointed out gave him a significant amount of time away from drugs.

LeFever faces 1-4 years at his scheduled sentencing on Dec. 30, but his attorney said probation was mandatory.