Sheriff’s personnel stop shaving to grow awareness |

Sheriff’s personnel stop shaving to grow awareness

Staff Reports

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is putting down their razors and clippers for the next 30 days to participate in a No Shave November fundraiser contest. The proceeds raised from this contest will go to benefit the Suicide Prevention Network.

The goal of holding this fundraiser is to “grow” awareness for a non-profit that serves our community. So if you see DCSO sporting scruffier faces than usual it’s for #NoShaveNovember, a trend that has caught on nationwide over the last 10 years.

To join in each participant paid an entry fee, and then they forgo shaving facial hair for the entire month of November. For the employees that don’t grow facial hair, they have the opportunity to judge those who do by paying the fee and deciding the winners of the “best beard” contest at the end. Before, after and half-way participant photos will be taken of the challenge to help the judges determine who wins.

“Be aware, if you see our law enforcement during November with scruffier faces, they are participating in a light-hearted fundraiser to show appreciation to the vital resource Suicide Prevention Network provides Douglas County, “said Sheriff Coverley. “Suicide is something which has greatly impacted our community and we feel it’s important to participate in creating awareness and helping people identify resources in times of need.”

Suicide Prevention Network is a nonprofit agency in Douglas County dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through support, education, and advocacy. They provide help in a confidential environment, free of charge.

Follow the Douglas County Facebook page and DCCO Twitter @DouglasSheriff to stay up to date on the DCSO competition progress.

Visit to learn more about Suicide Prevention Network and the resources they provide.