Sheriff’s Office rebrands Caring Neighbors program |

Sheriff’s Office rebrands Caring Neighbors program

Staff Reports

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office recently renamed the community outreach program formerly known as “Caring Neighbors” to the “Good Neighbor Program.” The program is designed to match seniors in the community with trained volunteers that are able and willing to offer assistance with things like: companionship, obtaining needed services within the community, educating them regarding home security issues, scam prevention and otherwise being a “good neighbor.”

Why is this type of community outreach program needed? According to the National Adult Protective Association, 1 in 9 seniors are being abused, neglected or exploited. Experts in the field believe elder abuse, neglect and exploitation are vastly underreported. For example, it is believed that only 1 in 40 cases of abuse of any kind are reported to the authorities. Cognitive decline or impairment as well as and the need for help with daily activities can make seniors more vulnerable to scams and harmful situations. Seniors experiencing abuse, neglect or exploitation often feel shame, guilt or embarrassment and do not report crimes against them.

You may call anonymously to report elder abuse or refer a senior to the Good Neighbor Program. If you know of a senior that could benefit from assistance from the Sheriff’s Office Good Neighbor program, call 775-782-9825.

What should you do if you suspect elder abuse, neglect or exploitation?

Call the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office at 775-782-5126 or call Elder Protective Services at 888-729-0571.