Sheriff’s Office hosts volunteer picnic |

Sheriff’s Office hosts volunteer picnic

by Tom Mezzetta

More than 170 volunteers and guests attended a catered picnic hosted by Sheriff Ron Pierini Sept. 14 at Lampe Park in recognition and appreciation of the many volunteers working with the sheriff’s department.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Department is so very fortunate to have so many volunteers working to meet the needs of our neighbors and of the community.

There are approximately 135 volunteers who perform such duties as operating our three substations, assisting our office personnel, conducting home vacation checks, documenting an array of office reports, enforcing the handicapped parking regulations an so many other important tasks.

In recognition of these outstanding volunteers, Sheriff Pierini had presented one of the three available President’s Volunteer Service Awards to 64 of our volunteers who had each donated in excess of 100 hours of service.

One volunteer received the Gold President’s Volunteer Service Award for an amazing 500 plus hours of volunteer service to our community.

The contributions made by our volunteer staff can’t be overstated. Because of their efforts, our patrol officers are afforded more time to address the more urgent needs of the community. Without our volunteers many of the services the sheriff’s department provides would be curtailed or likely even terminated due to budget restraints and manpower issues.

Since March of 1996, our volunteers have donated an astounding 69,350 hours service to the residents of Douglas County. The Independent Sector, a nonprofit coalition of approximately 600 national organizations and foundations has estimated the hourly value of volunteer service in 2003 at $17.19. Calculating at that rate, our volunteers have contributed a combined savings of $1,192,126.50.

Carl Malkmus was recognized for his efforts and support of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Posse and as the president of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department Advisory Council. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Department Advisory Council, by generous donations, assists the sheriff’s department in purchasing equipment, funding education and making improvements in our technological abilities.

Sheriff Pierini extends his heartfelt gratitude to all of our volunteers for their valuable service to Douglas County.